Yonas and Phillabaum Attorneys
Yonas and Phillabaum Attorneys

John Yonas

Member Attorney and Owner
Practice Areas include: Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, and Business Law.
Licensed in Ohio & Federal Court

John Yonas received his bachelor’s degree in accounting from The Ohio State University College of Business in 1997. He received his juris doctor degree from The Ohio State University College of Law in 2000. After graduation, John worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, as a Tax Attorney and Consultant. At PricewaterhouseCoopers, John worked with a wide range of clients all the way from Fortune 500 companies all the way down to small entrepreneurs to implementing tax planning strategies. After leaving PricewaterhouseCoopers, John worked for Frost Brown Todd where he focused his practice on real estate law, estate planning, and business law. In 2004, John formed his own law firm and American Homeland Title Agency.
Jason Phillabaum, Attorney at Law

Jason Phillabaum

Managing Member Attorney
Practice Areas Include: OVI, Criminal Law, Family Law, Personal Injury Law, Employment Law, & Civil Litigation.
Licensed in Ohio and Federal Court.

Jason Phillabaum graduated from the University of Kentucky with degrees in Math and Music. He went on to graduate from Thomas M. Cooley Law School with Juris Doctorate in only 2 1⁄2 years. He started practicing law in 2000. After Law school Jason Phillabaum worked as an assistant prosecutor for over 11 years, involved in some of the most complicated cases in the County. Jason litigated hundreds of jury trials and bench trials, and he handled over 15,000 cases in the past two decades. In addition to criminal and civil cases, Jason assists many families in complicated and highly contested divorce and child custody matters. He is dedicated to every case, and he fights for his clients' rights. Jason is very active in the community, and he is a Kentucky Colonel. He served as campaign manager for local political races, served on various local boards, assisted numerous non-profits, and served as a volunteer for local events. Jason also provides legal analysis for radio and local news reporters. He enjoys watching his children play sports (baseball and volleyball).
Megan Abbott, local Associate Attorney

Megan Abbott

Associate Attorney
Practice Areas Include: Real Estate Law and Associate Attorney overseeing the Title Department
Licensed in Kentucky

Megan Abbott received her Bachelor’s degree in History from Northern Kentucky University and graduated from Salmon P. Chase College of Law. She started practicing law in October of 2001. Her career has included prosecuting misdemeanor and child support cases as an Assistant County Attorney for Kenton County, Kentucky, but has now moved to full time work in real estate focusing on real estate sales and refinances. She greatly enjoys working with both those who are well versed in the process and those who are first time participants. As the legal title department manager, she works with all employees of the American Homeland Title Agency to help people’s home buying/selling needs become reality. Her greatest reward is researching all aspects of a closing to solve any title issue that may arise. In her spare time, she is a mother of a college student, enjoys woodworking, and celebrates all things Stanford University. Fear the Tree!
James Boyd, Associate Attorney for Yonas & Phillabaum

James Boyd

Associate Attorney
Practice Areas Include: Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, and Business Law.
Licensed in Ohio

James Boyd received his Bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in Religion from Miami University in 2014. He earned his law degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law and was admitted to practice in Ohio in 2019. His practice focuses on estate planning for families. James enjoys guiding clients through the estate planning process and helping them gain peace of mind. James gained advocacy skills through his experiences with Pro Seniors Inc. and the Hamilton County Probate Court handling estate and trust administration cases. He also developed leadership skills as Justice of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity and Vice President of the Student Bar Association while attending the University of Cincinnati. While in law school, James helped reinitiate the UC Law Women, a student organization to promote women equality in the legal community. James currently lives in Cincinnati with his wife. He enjoys traveling, gaming, and golf.
Jim Schroeder, Of Counsel for law firm near me

Jim Schroeder

Of Counsel
Practice Areas Include: Real Estate Law, Business Law, and Government Representation.
Licensed in Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and District of Columbia

Jim Schroeder holds two master’s degrees and earned his Juris Doctorate from Rutgers University where he was both an Eagleton and Marshall Brennan Fellow. He has completed advanced training in nonprofit leadership at Duke University and Public Sector Labor Relations at Rutgers. Jim is a licensed attorney in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. He is a Kentucky Colonel and writes a column for the Brown County Press.
James Fantetti, Of Counsel for Yonas and Phillabaum

James Fantetti

Of Counsel
Practice Areas Include: Appeals (including Constitutional Law), Consumer Debt Settlement, Juvenile Law, Criminal Law, Landlord/Tenant and Foreclosure Defense, & Civil Litigation.
Licensed in Ohio

James Fantetti graduated summa cum laude from the University of Cincinnati with a Batchelor’s degree in Philosophy in 2001. James went on to attend the University of Cincinnati College of Law where he earned his Juris Doctorate degree in 2004. Upon graduation, he worked for two years as a Law Clerk for the Ohio Twelfth District Court of Appeals. In 2006 James became an Assistant Prosecutor working for the Butler County Ohio Prosecutor’s Office. Over his 16 years as an assistant prosecutor, he prosecuted thousands of cases ranging from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. In 2020, James left public service and entered private practice. He loves spending time with his daughter in nature. James enjoys painting landscapes in his free time.
Lindsey Tootle, Paralegal with Yonas & Phillabaum

Lindsey Tootle

Lindsey Tootle is a proud alumna of the University of Alabama. Lindsey’s love for law began as a child when she first read the founding documents of the United States. This interest turned into a lifelong passion, spanning many areas and facets of law. Lindsey joined Yonas & Phillabaum as a paralegal in 2021; she works mainly for Jason Phillabaum, handling a variety of family and criminal law cases. Lindsey also enjoys a fulfilling career as a professional musician. She specializes in both modern and Baroque violin and has spent years teaching music and private lessons to students of all ages and abilities.
Hope Platzbecker, Attorney with Yonas & Phillabaum

Hope Platzbecker

Hope Platzbecker received her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Eastern Kentucky University in 2018. She graduated from Salmon P. Chase College of Law in 2021. Hope went to law school because she finds it interesting how the law interacts with most aspects of our lives and finds helping people through their legal issues to be a rewarding experience. Hope was born and raised in northern Illinois and enjoys making trips there when she can (A Packers fan). She also enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband and their Jack Russel terrier.