Digitized public records make it easy for almost anyone to find your personal info

whether or not you want them to.

Homeownership comes with many benefits, however, the digitalization of public records have created an easy way for a homeowner’s name, home value, and address to be easily linked to each other. This creates a conundrum for many individuals such as public figures, doctors, teachers, police officers, and domestic violence victims who may wish to shield their whereabouts from nosey third parties.

The Esoteric Privacy Trust is a new legal product from Yonas & Phillabaum.

This trust product is a custom take on a revocable property trust to help shield a client’s name from the public record and third parties.

Our attorneys can assist clients through the process of helping them maintain their Fundamental Right to privacy at any stage of the home owning experience—from pre-contract to the sale of the home.

Schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys who can help navigate the home buying process while helping you maintain your right to privacy from the public record.

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