Your loved one has passed away. There are bills to pay, a will to be validated, as well as a number of other estate issues to be handled. You want to have someone who knows the probate process and can navigate you through this process with as little stress and complications as possible

No one wants to think about death or what will happen when we are not here, but have peace of mind knowing that you took care of your loved ones as opposed to them having to fight in court.

Our attorneys will help you plan for a responsible power of attorney for when you can no longer manage your own affairs, and we will work with you to draft a will that will distribute your property the way you want it.

Personalized services for the best possible result

Our goal in all matters is to achieve your objective in the most creative, responsive, cost-effective and ethical manner. This approach has enabled us to obtain successful results for clients.

Plan ahead for the inevitable or the unexpected with estate planning services from Yonas & Phillabaum LLC, Attorneys at Law.

We can assist with:

Wills and trusts
Transfer-on-death affidavits
Living Wills
Medical powers of attorney
Powers of attorney
Guardianships and conservatorships
Estate administration