Let Yonas and Phillabaum Attorneys at Law help you address legal matters affecting your family. 

Family law matters have extremely high stakes and can be emotionally taxing. 

Our attorneys work tirelessly to protect your interest in such cases as:

Child Custody - Divorce and separation are difficult times for everyone in the family, not just those who are directly divorcing. Children will struggle with a loss of the sense of stability, and may have conflicting emotions on where they should go next. The legal challenges of determining custody can be difficult for any family to face, but Yonas & Phillabaum can help you navigate these difficult waters and ensure your children are where they belong, with you.

Child Support - Determining what’s best for the child, even in an amicable situation, can become complicated. Specialists with Yonas & Phillabaum have the experience to walk you through the process to get an outcome that keeps your children provided for. 

Divorce - Getting a divorce is a difficult and emotionally laden journey. Having the team at Yonas & Phillabaum there to guide you can help ensure that the legal process is followed as efficiently as possible, while also ensuring that the correct steps are taken to protect your ability to move on with your life in a healthy and happy way. 

Spousal Support - In the process of divorce, financial determinations are often the most difficult. Determining what is owed for ongoing support in return for the burdens that were shared while you were still married can be a fraught exercise. Yonas & Phillabaum will represent you in these negotiations to ensure that a financial outcome is reached that is best for you. 

We can help support you during these trying times and ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones.


Flexible Payment Options

We understand that our clients cannot always pay in full at the time of services rendered, but everyone deserves quality attorney services. We will work with you to make affordable payment arrangements.

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